My son seems to be more relaxed. Neurofeedback has reduced his anxiety…combining neurofeedback and therapy is a good approach.

Since working with Dr. Bullard and his staff, Jager’s grades have sky rocketed! We came to Acuity Brain Center because Jager, who had been diagnosed with dysgraphia, struggled with reading and tracking. He would often have to read and reread his school work to make sense of what he was reading. It was extremely frustrating for him because his schoolwork took so much longer than it should have. Dr. Bullard recommended a combination of Neurotherapy and Interactive Metronome. After just a few weeks Jager started to notice a big difference. I could see the excitement in him as he told me that he was able to just sit down and read. It no longer felt like a struggle. Since completing treatment with Acuity Brain Center, Jager has consistently been on the Honor Roll and has had Straight A’s in all his core classes!!!! We could not be more satisfied with the care we received at Acuity Brain Center. Thank you to Dr. Bullard and all the ABC staff!
~ TJ

Tiffany has been excellent and a very kind and understanding person. Overall, my experiences at the Brain Center have helped me a lot; I’ve noticed a wonderful transformation. Ever since I was a child, I was miserable. I wasn’t expecting anyone to understand me as much as everyone does. I’m glad I’m not as alone as I thought.

“[My son] is doing Interactive Metronome. He has done 20 sessions and I see a lot of changes in him. His motor skills have improved…reading is more fluent, he is able to change his own clothes now.”

“It has been a good experience overall. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful.”

“[My son] has been more positive for the most part. He is less emotionally reactive. He seems to handle difficult situations better.”

“The experience has been very positive. Everyone we have dealt with has been very professional. The environment is beautiful and very calming.”