Jeff Bullard, MD
Jeff Bullard, MD
Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Bullard currently serves as the medical director for Acuity Brain Center and MaxHealth Family Medicine. These Dallas area health centers were established by Dr. Bullard and are run with a simple but firm practice philosophy:

to provide high quality, cutting edge, convenient medical care to their patients. Because of his vision, he demands that Acuity Brain Center and MaxHealth provide the latest in technology and medical care. He explains, “Traditional medical practices are a thing of the past. We must keep abreast of the newest medical information and provide the highest level of medical service. That is the kind of treatment our patients deserve.”

Recognized as a leader in his area, he has become one of the highest volume providers of both medical and mental healthcare delivery in North Texas. In addition to working with patients, over the years Dr. Bullard has been asked to educate his peers throughout the state regarding the diagnosis and treatment of depression. Furthermore, because of his experience Dr. Bullard has been asked to serve as a medical expert for legal cases involving both mental health and non-mental health related issues. Additionally, Dr. Bullard is currently working on a book, which explores effective ways to change negative health habits.

Recognizing a need for improvements in symptom testing tools that allow for testing and not fully satisfied with existing mental health tests, Dr. Bullard wanted a tool that would allow for rapid but thorough testing. Utilizing his experience, while maintaining an eye on the basics, he created the AssessMD Testing Questionnaires. The AssessMD Questionnaires are innovative testing tools that allows for testing on multiple levels. As a result, was born. This web-based Automated Scoring System for Evaluation of Signs and Symptoms, ASSESS, was created to allow providers an effective and efficient tool for evaluating and treating their patients.

Jeffrey M. Bullard, MD attended Creighton University’s School of Medicine earning his Doctor of Medicine Degree in 1993. He served as Class President and received the national Upjohn Achievement Award for outstanding medical student. In 1996 he completed his Family Practice Residency in Norfolk, Virginia, where he served as chief resident and received the Isadore Marman Award for outstanding resident. He has been board certified in Family Medicine since 1996.

Dr. Bullard was a pioneer in changing the old, accepted norm of long wait times and hurried, impersonal medical care. He structured schedules that allowed for both scheduled appointments and walk-in appointments every day throughout the day, now coined the ‘open access’ model. Still more impressively, when his practice opened its doors in 1998, it boasted an entirely electronic record system, a rarity at that time. In 1998, as a result of his innovative thinking, Dr. Bullard was featured in the statewide Dallas-Fort Worth Healthcare Journal, in recognition of his progressive approach. For his absolute and unwavering persistence on innovation, customer respect and high quality care, Dr. Bullard was honored by being voted a “Top Doc” of Fort Worth by his peers. Dr. Bullard has also been featured repeatedly on the television show Top Docs of DFW. As a furtherance of his passion to provide patients with cutting edge health-care, Dr. Bullard formed and serves as medical director of Acuity Brain Center.

Dr. Alicia Townsend
Dr. Alicia Townsend

Dr. Townsend received her Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine at the University of North Texas, with a background in QEEG, EEG Biofeedback, and Sport Psychology.

She received her QEEG and EEG Biofeedback training at the University of North Texas with Neurotherapy Lab under the direction of Dr. Genie Bodenhamer-Davis. She has served as the Neurotherapy Lab’s QEEG Coordinator and helped to develop and teach the University’s Introduction to QEEG and Intermediate QEEG courses. She has lectured at the University of North Texas Health Science Center on EEG biofeedback and clinical topics and has been active in research presented at numerous state, national, and international conferences. She currently teaches the EEG Biofeedback certification course for the Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation.

Dr. Townsend is certified in EEG Biofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America and is a licensed psychologist in the state of Texas.

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Board Certified in Neurofeedback
  • Served as the University of North Texas Neurotherapy Lab QEEG Coordinator
  • Co-Developed the University of North Texas’ Introduction to QEEG and Intermediate QEEG courses
  • Lecturer at the University of North Texas Health Science Center on EEG biofeedback and other clinical topics
  • Presented her research at state, national, and international conferences.
  • Teaches the EEG Biofeedback certification course for the Behavioral Medicine Research and Training Foundation
  • 15 years clinical experience

Tiffany Patton-Barnes
Tiffany Patton-Barnes
M.S., LPC, BCN-Fellow

Tiffany Patton-Barnes MS, LPC, BCN-Fellow was raised on the Texas border town of El Paso, where she became interested in Psychology at a very early age. When she was growing up, Tiffany’s father was a Colonel in the US Army, and an avid member of the community, as well as a large influence on her life.

She began volunteering for events in the Lion’s Club, Prevent Blindness, Crisis Intervention Centers, and nursing homes in her early teens. Beginning her Bachelorette work at the University of Texas in El Paso, Tiffany had hopes of having a dual degree in Psychology and music to integrate the two into a Music Therapy degree due to her many years of experience in piano and flute. This led her to the University of North Texas where she changed majors to Psychology and Spanish, as growing up in a predominantly Hispanic culture led her to be bilingual.

The growing need for counselors in the Rehabilitation field led Tiffany to the Department of Rehabilitation, Social Work, and Addictions where she completed her Master’s of Science and first learned and fell in love with EEG Biofeedback (Neurofeedback). Tiffany began her studies in Neurofeedback at the University of North Texas’ Neurotherapy Lab. Recognized for her skills, she became Clinical Coordinator and assisted in the training, teaching, and mentoring of Neurofeedback students. As a result of her exposure to the research and training at UNT, Tiffany’s understanding of the need for total life coaching combined with Neurofeedback was reinforced. Consequently, she integrates Neurofeedback with counseling, self-regulation, family lifestyles, diet, exercise, sleep, allergies, parenting, and multi-modal interventions to obtain the greatest treatment result.

In addition to her work at Acuity Brain Center, Tiffany conducts QEEG assessments, Neurofeedback, and Bio-Acoustical Utilization Device (BAUD) training at The Lawlis Peavey PsychoNeuroPlasticity (PNP) Center. Dedicated to her commitment to fulfill her vision of an integrated, mind-body approach to patient counseling, Tiffany founded the Applied Brain-Body Solutions Clinic. Additionally, having secured a position as a leader in the field, Tiffany serves as a consultant for numerous facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. She has served on the Board for the Biofeedback Society of Texas and has been a long-standing member of the International Society of Neurofeedback and Research, as well as the Association of Applied P Biofeedback.

Aside from keeping a very active role as a Licensed Professional Counselor and in the treatment of patients with Neurofeedback, Tiffany believes firmly in being involved in her family life with her husband and five-year-old son. She values spirituality, diet and exercise, as well as playing a large role in the school activities of her son.

  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Board Certified in Neurofeedback
  • Served as Clinical Coordinator of the University of North Texas Neurotherapy Lab
  • QEEG and Neurofeedback Specialist for PNP Lawlis-Peavey Center (routinely featured on Dr. Phil)
  • 13 years clinical experience in counseling, neurotherapy, biofeedback and life coaching